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Sunday 1st December 10:00 - Talk on Epictetus by Christine Lambie

A talk by Christine Lambie

How did a Roman slave, a fighter pilot and a modern psychotherapist share a common interest in stoical behaviour? Classicist Christine Lambie will explain, illustrating the influence on modern thinking of the greatest stoic, Epictetus.

Epictetus was born c. 55 A.D in Greece. He spent his youth as a slave in Rome. Early in life, he acquired a passion for philosophy and, with the permission of his wealthy owner, he studied Stoic philosophy.

Christine Lambie initially studied classics, with a special interest in Platonic philosophy.

Married to Donald Lambie, the head of the School worldwide, she has travelled extensively meeting students from the Schools across the world.

A few years ago, studying the words of Epictetus, this talk started to take shape.

Sunday 1st December 10am

Tickets available on the door £5

Parking space is available in the council offices car park at the bottom of Lawn Road.