Welcome to Practical Philosophy Guildford

A ten week evening & morning introductory course

Sunday 20th May 2018 - Practicing Awareness Day

Members of Parts one, two and three are invited to spend a day together to meet and work with each other. These days have been found to be very instructive as well as enjoyably social. Members who are in 2nd year, who missed the day last year, are also very welcome to attend.

This day is included in your Philosophy enrolment for the summer term
and forms a crucial part of the course.

This is a ‘hands on’ opportunity to practice being aware of the present moment and giving full attention and filling out in practice what we discuss in groups.

The aim is to re-discover the art of living peacefully, happily and effectively.

Parking space is available in the council offices car park at the bottom of Lawn Road where there is a £1.50 charge on Sundays.